How to Download Songs from YouTube

YouTube is the largest video hosting service that allows you to place the amateur and professional videos and video blogs. Now you can find on YouTube almost any song and tracks of many famous singers. However, initially, this resource was created for viewing and uploading videos. So there is no ability to download the video and especially audio files. Fortunately for us, there are so many ways to get around these limitations, and to save everything desired. It often happens that after watching some video, advertising, or a movie trailer we want to grab some particular melody for our use. In this post, we've listed several of the best free YouTube music downloaders. Let us know in the comments section below whether we missed a program off our list. There are 2 ways on how to download music from YouTube. The first one is to use the online service. And the other method is to save music with the offline program. You can download a song from YouTube directly in the browser without installing any additional software. This possibility is provided by a huge variety of the online services.

In general, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. On the YouTube page select the video and copy a link from the address line in your browser.
  2. Insert this link on the website of the online service and click a button Download or OK.
  3. Wait until the video will be converted to MP3;Some resources can offer to change the bitrate, track duration, or type of music produced format.
  4. At the last stage, it is offered a link to download the converted audio track.
Let's move from a theory to practice. Consider the example of the online service and try to download one song from Vevo channel on YouTube. Let it be Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend.

Best Ways to Download Songs from YouTube

Offline Programs to Download Music from YouTube

There are special programs that allow not only to download songs from YouTube for free but also to save them in the different formats. These programs have the greater functionality compared to the online services, but the disadvantage of this method is that you need to search the program on the Internet, download and install it. Therefore, if your goal is just to download a song from YouTube in the MP3 format quickly and free of charge, it can be done with an online service. And if you need to convert or rip audio from YouTube, then you should check out the offline programs.

Here is a list of a few of these free programs: YouTube Downloader, Movavi YouTube Converter, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter and AllMyTube.

We’d like to show the functionality of the particular software Wondershare AllMyTube.

Developed by Wondershare, AllMyTube comes with a massive 14 audio conversion options that can convert your media files automatically once they've downloaded for viewing on different devices. It's particularly useful feature because it bundles multiple converters into a single program, preventing you from hunting for several solutions when converting to different formats.

AllMyTube can download and convert audios from more than 10000+ supported websites and from the most popular music ones either - including SoundCloud, Lynda, DailyMotion, and MTV - in addition to YouTube. It features the ability to convert audio files to most popular formats - from MP3 to M4A, WAV, OGG and AC3.

The developers claim that the latest version of AllMyTube 4.2 is faster and more stable than previous releases, some minor bugs have been fixed. So, the following task is to download music from YouTube in high quality to PC with AllMyTube.

How to Download Songs Off YouTube with AllMyTube

Step 1. Click on the link above and download AllMyTube software into your personal computer. Install it and launch.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Launch AllMyTube

Step 2. Come back to YouTube page again and simply copy the song’s link by clicking on the video with a right mouse button or by copying from the browser’s address bar.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Copy Video URL

Step 3. In the program’s window click on the arrow beside the Paste URL button and the menu will be expanded. Press on Download MP3. Then the software will start the downloading process immediately.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Download Music from YouTube

You may go to the kitchen and have a cup of tea while downloading the whole albums of your favorite artists. But even here we have a little tip. This tip is called Task Scheduler. Instead of waiting until the end of dowloading a long list of audios, you can select one of 3 suitable controller options and go for other business: Auto Shutdown, Enter Sleep Mode or Exit Program.

Bonus: If you want all these songs to be placed into your device, just press the button Convert and choose the output format based on the type of your device. For example, iPod Nano in our case.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Choose Device Format for Output

Conclusion: AllMyTube is easy to use, and its interface is clean and free of distractions (annoying ads, banners, donate buttons).

Download Songs from YouTube Online is an easy-to-use online service that allows you not only to download the desired video easily, but also to convert it to the MP3 format. The service supports only one popular output format but nevertheless you can listen to the stored music on virtually any device. In addition, you can download video clip in HD quality.

Step 1. In order to download music from YouTube that you want, just copy the address of the relevant page on YouTube.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Copy YouTube Video URL

Step 2. Paste the video URL in Flvto. Choose the file format you need in the drop-down menu (audio or video). If you download the desktop version of FLVTO, you will obtain a possibility to convert also to WAV, MOV, AAC, WMA, WMV formats.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Click Convert to in Flvto

After clicking the CONVERT TO button, the converting process starts. Your video is uploading to the service, converted into the format you choose. In the result, you are given a final link to download the converted track.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Download Music from YouTube

It is encouraging that the process is really fast, and the download is not accompanied by expectations counters or watching the advertising pages. Also, there is a possibility to send the audio track to email, Dropbox or to make a mobile ringtone.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Send to Email

If you like how FLVTO works you can install a special browser extension that makes it easy to work with the service.

Conclusion: is a very fast solution for those who wants to download songs from YouTube with ease.

In the conclusion of this part of the post, we would like to sum up that the best choice between online and offline solution is the last one.

With the offline software, you can download free songs from YouTube and convert them into the format that suits to your multimedia device, and even to transfer them through the wireless Wi-Fi transfer. It’s much more comfortable and saves your precious time, you needn’t search for another program or solution. Obviously, that in this competition AllMyTube won and got the highest score.

Part 2: What About Downloading Music Videos from YouTube

Music videos on YouTube are interesting and you often want to save them on your personal computer. There is a huge amount of ways to download music videos from YouTube, and some of the programs allow you to download video songs from YouTube within seconds.

Airy YouTube Video Downloader

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Airy YouTube Video Downloader

The company Eltima released an excellent video downloader, which in addition to its primary function, allows you to download also audio files from YouTube. The interface of Airy is very simple: drag a link to the window, and the program will start downloading.

With a help of Airy you can effortlessly download videos from YouTube and save it on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. The advantage of the application is that it allows you to choose the format of the saved video. Among offered formats there are FLV, 3GP, WebM and MP4, compatible with iOS devices.

Airy has another useful feature. The utility enables you to download not only the video from YouTube but also to extract audio track from it in the MP3 format. It’s conveniently when you find a video with an interesting track that you want to download to your iPhone.

How to Download YouTube Video Using Airy:

  1. Drag the YouTube link to Airy window.
  2. To do this, open the page with the video and drag the URLIn the resulting Airy window, select the desired file format from the list.
  3. Click Download.
  4. The free version of the program supports only 2 free downloads.


SaveDeo service is free and extremely easy to use, it will be suitable for any user.

The number of the supported resources by this service is relatively small, only YouTube, Dailymotion and the other popular sites are supported.

Among the social networks, only Facebook is supported. You may explore a full list of resources with which SaveDeo allows you to download videos, by visiting the official site of this fabulous service. Using SaveDeo is very simple. All you have to do is to copy the video link and paste it in a special box on the main page. By the way, right there on the SaveDeo's home page you will find links to the most popular videos.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - SaveDeo

No additional software is required. You can download music videos from YouTube in formats of MP4, FLV, 3GP, and you can view "live" video directly in the browser (in the DASH format).

The resolution of the music video can be chosen on the downloading page. The advantage of  SaveDeo is the ability to download video songs from YouTube which require a mandatory authorization, as well as videos that are not available to view in your region.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Paste Video URL SaveDeo


How to Download Songs from YouTube - VideoGrabber

Just look at the name of the downloader, it suggests that it will allow you to grab clips freely from limitless online websites, including downloading video songs from YouTube. It will allow you to conduct a thorough search of the most popular recent videos that you want to download to your PC and mobile device with ease. The key output formats for this downloader include AVI, MOV, MP4, AAC, MP3, MKV, WAV, MPG, WMA and 3GP among several others. The big plus of using this downloader over others is that you will be able to freely manipulate video settings for sample rate, resolution, frame rate, and channels as well as bitrate. That definitely means you will be able to determine the quality of your downloaded YouTube video.

Part 3. Necessary Steps when You Want to Rip Audio from YouTube

Go to YouTube and just take a look around, it gives us a sense that we are swimming in a pool of music video clips: Rihanna, Adele, Led Zeppelin, Mark Ronson, Will.I.Am, various soundtracks, movie original songs, etc. But if you only want the MP3 audio file, how to rip music off YouTube? There are plenty ways to transfer YouTube video to the audio file for playback on your MP3 player, iPod, or make a ringtone for iPhone. In our post we will consider several of them: YouTube MP3 ripper, online service, web browser Firefox/Chrome extensions. All of them can rip audio from YouTube. Follow the methods below to rip songs off youtube in high quality 320 kbps, 256 kbps, 192kps, 128kbps, etc. It's totally up to you to choose the output you need.

Method 1: Easy Ripping YouTube Music with MacX Video Converter Pro

It is a good offline solution with no ads, viruses or plugins in order to grab the audio file of the highest quality with the MP3 YouTube ripper. MacX Video Converter Pro is an easy solution that enables you to save MP3 audio from YouTube with untouched high audio quality in few clicks. You are absolutely free to adjust ripped YouTube MP3 audio sample rate, a number of channels, bitrate (for example,  128kbps, 256kbps, 192kps and many more options). Follow the step-by-step guide below to rip songs from YouTube video for iPod, Android, iPhone 6s/6 Plus, up to iOS 9 devices with the highest audio quality.

Step 1: Download MacX Video Converter Pro for Mac/Windows, run it; if you want to download MP3 from the YouTube video, click on the "YouTube" icon, copy and paste the video URL to the box frame and click on "Analyze" button, then select "Auto add to convert", the conversion page will appear in front of you.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Run MacX Video Converter Pro

Step 2: Choose the preferable output format. To rip MP3 from YouTube video, switch to "to Music", and select "MP3" as output music audio format (recommended). You also have a possibility to convert audio to OGG, AAC, AC3, iPhone ringtone format, WAV, FLAC, ALAC (lossless formats), etc.

Step 3: Click on the button "Browse" in order to select a folder to save your MP3 audio songs.

Step 4: Press the "RUN" button to start ripping YouTube video to MP3 audio to your PC. As a matter of fact, the program can download songs from 300+ sites, and has available 14 audio formats. Not bad!

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Ripping Audio Off YouTube

Disadvantages: the interface of this program isn’t so user-friendly as it was described by developers. While downloading multiple numbers of songs, the speed dramatically falls down.

Method 2: Rip Free MP3 Audios from YouTube Online with is a well-known free online service that allows users to rip YouTube audio directly online. No register required, there is no need to install software. It is simple and has a user-friendly interface. Just copy video URL from YouTube page, choose the conversion format. After that click "Start" button and then press on "Download", and the YouTube to audio ripping is done. You can choose different YouTube quality (1080p, 720p, 480p) for videos, and file size. 256kbps is the best audio bit rate setting, so you may leave it.

How to Download Songs from YouTube -

Disadvantages: you rip audio files from YouTube in MP3 for free online, but probably get a virus, malware, extra unknown files and unwanted plugins in return. Ripping speed sometimes is too slow. There are not so many supported video audio formats: MP3, AVI, 3GP, MOV, and even less audio MP3, AAC, M4A.

Conclusion: both methods are good and perform their task almost perfectly. The offline solution gives you an opportunity to select sample rate, a number of channels, bit rate. And the online solution is even more simple because it has just a few steps. The disadvantage of the online service is that during the YouTube to MP3 ripping process, your web browser may crash and the number of output formats is limited. The disadvantage of the offline application is that the speed needs improvement. If you want to balance the formats issue and speed issue, I will suggest you to rip audio from YouTube with Wondershare AllMyTube.

Part 4. Want to Enjoy YouTube Songs Offline On the Go?

People may wonder how to download music from YouTube to phone, actually it is in the same way as downloading videos to your computer. However, before you start, make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi or, in some cases, low-cost traffic plan (depends on the mobile operator). Take a note that YouTube offers video for free, but your mobile provider may charge you for data downloading. Recently, Google has made changes to the license agreement for the video content on YouTube. So, many applications in the Google Play Store became useless to download music from YouTube music to phone, as well as download music videos from YouTube.

Instruction on How to Download Songs from YouTube to Your Phone

Generally speaking, you are able to use your web browser and online video converter to download music from YouTube to your phone, and you may only need several steps to finish the task.

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and go to YouTube.
  2. Watch a video on the YouTube homepage, or search for a specific one by entering keywords in the search box. If you have an account on YouTube, you can log in and find your favorite video, leave comments and so on.
  3. Click on any video to open it. When the page  with the video opens, just right-click on it, and select "Copy."
  4. Go to an online video converter which allows you to download and convert videos to audios from YouTube by typing its URL-address. Right-click on the field to insert a link on this site, and then click “Insert”. Select MP3 as the output format, and click “Download” and audio materials will be downloaded on your computer.
  5. After downloading, copy the audio file to your phone. In order to transfer the files to Android devies via Bluetooth, you can turn on Bluetooth on your phone by going to Menu> Settings> Connectivity> Bluetooth> Turn on. Now go to the downloaded song on your computer, right-click on it and select Send to Bluetooth device. Your computer will search for the devices and mobile phone will include it in the list of available devices. You will have to connect both of them by double-clicking the phone icon and entering the access code (any 4 digits). Enter the same numbers on the cell and the song will be transferred to the phone.
  6. Connect the device to computer with USB cable. Select the downloaded audio on your PC, and press Ctrl + C. Go to Start> My Computer and double-click to open the phone folders. If you have a specific folder for the songs, open it, otherwise, just right-click in the window and select Paste. Audio files will be transmitted to the mobile phone immediately.

As you can see, you are able to download songs from YouTube to phone without any effort. Moreover, mastering this algorithm, you will see many other possibilities on how you can simply download the online song to your mobile device.

We’ve prepared 2 new online services that make it available for you to download music from YouTube to your phone.
With you can download and convert for free your favorite songs from YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion, and Clipfish online to MP3, MP4 and more. It's fast, free and there is no registration needed.

How to Download Songs from YouTube -

Follow the steps described above and you'll download music from YouTube to phone in seconds. After a few manipulations, you finally have the audio file on your mobile phone.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Locate Song in Your Phone

But with Wondershare AllMyTube you can avoid the last few steps and download songs from YouTube to phone wirelessly. Just click on the Wi-Fi transfer button and download an app to your device, and you'll be able to transfer the downloaded music videos or only audio files to your phone.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Wireless Transfer AllMyTube

Conclusion: don't waste your time on all these unnecessary manipulations with Bluetooth or USB cables because in AllMyTube wireless transfer option is already included.

Part 5. Best Online YouTube Music Downloader

Now we will try to figure out top-5 best online youtube music downloaders.


How to Download Songs from YouTube - KeepVid

Keepvid is an online service for downloading videos from media sites on your computer, including YouTube, Vimeo,  Vkontakte, Facebook, and others (a total of 51 supported sites). Service is not limited in size, using it is incredibly easy and you are not required to install any programs or extensions. KeepVid has some highly advanced options that help you to download songs from YouTube online. Because of this, the web service wins a great level of popularity among users.

Note: Normally, this kind of services have size limitations. This one allows donloading the video in high quality, no larger than 900 MB. Also, you may need to install the RE Java (Java Virtual Machine) in certain occasions, if not already installed on your computer (often used by programs and websites).

Pros: Always fresh updates and bugs fixes; with KeepVid Video Joiner you can join (Video Only) and (Audio Only) streams.

Cons: requires Java: if you do not download Java, you will not have a tool to connect your video/audio URL; finite supported sites: the website supports a lot of popular sites, but when it comes to the RTMP protocol media files, such as Hulu, nothing can be done.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - is a free online service that helps with one click to download the files (videos/music) from the most popular resources, including Youtube. Although you can freely download songs from Youtube without any add-ons installation, you should download a little program Ummy Video Downloader in order to grab audio content or HD videos. This free YouTube music downloader online has specific instructions for downloading videos/audios and that is what you must follow to the letter. MP3, FLV, WEBM, MP4, and 3GO formats are the commonly supported ones by SaveFrom.Net and there are also several others that you can use when needed. SaveFrom.Net has add-ons for browsers Chrome and Opera which is an option that makes it amazingly easy when it comes to downloading the YouTube or even Facebook files. However, the add-ons are mostly dependent on third-party websites which can come with some serious threads.

Pros: You can download the extension to your browser and grab the videos in one click; SaveFrom.Net has a fast enough downloading speed.

Cons: be aware of Yandex add-ons while installing Ummy Video Downloader and check the corresponding checking-boxes; this service doesn’t support the inbuilt converter.


How to Download Songs from YouTube - Savemedia

SaveMedia claims itself as a downloader that allows grabbing the streaming videos for free from multiple websites including YouTube. If you don’t know about the simplest and easiest way to download music from YouTube then an answer will be Savemedia. This service will serve your interests well. Its unique option is called “keep it super simple” that captures the real essence of its enhanced performance while downloading YouTube songs online. Savemedia supports well a plenty of the different formats like audio (MP3) and video (AVI, WAV, FLV, and MP4) among many others. Depending on the Internet connection, its performance could be poor performing if the Internet connection is poor and vice versa. With Savemedia service, you’ll never be frustrated.

Pros: short information about the video (album, copyright, etc) is present; unlimited number of free downloads and conversions.

Cons: after placing video’s URL into the searching box of Savemedia you’ve got a lot of thumbnails with a weird content; the retrieved content of the highest quality is not available.


How to Download Songs from YouTube - CatchVideo

CatchVideo like many others requires a lot of patience before you can work with it effectively. Don’t hurry over anything but take a step at a short period of time. Because the downloading process with this service is slow enough and that can discourage you. However, the downloading speed in many cases depends on the Internet connection and the size of the media content being downloaded. CatchVideo manages well with a pretty long list of file formats that include MP4, FLV for video as well as MP3 and AAC for audio. A very suitable is the audio extraction option which is a huge advantage to the user with multiple expectations and demands.

Pros: while converting video to mp3 you are free to change output format (MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC), bitrate (64 kbps - 320 kbps), channels (mono/stereo), sample rate (8000 Hz - 48000 Hz); free extension for your browser.

Cons: the user-interface isn’t clear and friendly, it’s clumsy; you may notice pop-up ads sometimes; the most popular sites require 'Catchvideo Helper Userscript'.

4K Download Online

How to Download Songs from YouTube - 4K Download Online

If you need a quick and simple solution for downloading music from YouTube, we are ready to offer you new service 4K Download Online. In order to download songs from YouTube to MP3, M4A or OGG you should use step by step instructions.

Pros: easy to use; there are 3 basic music formats.

Cons: functional limitations; the ability to download only 25 songs per day

Conclusion: although, online solutions are simple enough and satisfy almost every user, there are some critical disadvantages that can make an effect on your choice. So, if you think next time on how to download a youtube song, just make a little effort and download the offline program. Protect your computer and keep it clean because some online services are full of malware, spy and unwanted redirects.

Part 6. Downlod Songs from YouTube to MP3 in One Click

You already know how this service works. You just enter the URL of the interested  video, put it in the only field in the program and press the button "Download". After that, choose right place where your audio file will be saved. That's all. Everything is so simple that this process can handle even those who learned about the Internet only last week. Moreover, it should be noted that the user who is going to download music from YouTube, haven’t to configure anything in order to obtain the optimum quality. You can be sure that you will get the best possible quality, without any additional settings.

What to do if you need to process multiple clips in a similar manner? You may agree with us, that use of the manual mode is quite difficult, especially if there are about a hundred songs. So you will ask how to download songs from YouTube to MP3 in batch. In fact, Wondershare AllMyTube makes it work as easy as rolling off a log.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Copy Video URL
How to Download Songs from YouTube - Download Songs from YouTube in Batch

AllMyTube allows you to have a deal directly with a large number of clips and music in batch. You simply specify the playlist’s URL, type of the media (video/audio), desired video quality; wait for a couple of minutes - and get the ready video or MP3 files.

Who will be interested in downloading music from YouTube in batch? As a rule, in this possibility are interested those who are looking for the rare live recordings of favorite music groups. In addition, AllMyTube can be used to get the audio version of the video tutorials, interviews, or podcasts. In the result, you will enjoy music successfully both on the desktop computer and on the mobile devices. AllMyTube also gives an opportunity to its users to grab the audio file in one click.

Step 1. Move to the tab “Online video” and click on the Youtube page. Log in and browse for the videos.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Online Video

Step 2. Take a notice at this Download button at the upper right corner of the video. By clicking on the Download, a drop-down menu appears. So, the built-in browser with this single button is a very valuable.

How to Download Songs from YouTube - Download Video

Conclusion: AllMyTube is a primary choice that lets you download songs from YouTube in batch without any hassle. One nice thing about this application is you don’t even need to go to Youtube to search the audio file. This tool comes with the in-built search tool that searches music from Youtube and displays it on its interface. If you read through the whole post, you will figure out that Wondershare AllMyTube enables users to songs from YouTube in a much more easier way when compared with other programs or online solutions. Therefore, when people want to download download music from YouTube to computer or their mobile devices, Wondershare AllMyTube will work like a charm.



We've tried all kinds of solutions to find the best way to download songs from YouTube


We compared different programs to figure out the best solution


We illuminated the best solution to download music from YouTube by questioning all possibilities